Hi. My name is Ronee.


My first year of college I took Introduction to Two Dimensional Media. I was hoping I'd gain some skill in drawing and maybe learn how to paint anything. Mostly I needed confidence.

The first assignment was to create a name tag for ourselves. I thought it would be funny if my name tag was a picture of me holding a sign with my name on it. Something like a camera version of standing in between two mirrors. If I'd had more time and money, and maybe my own camera, I would have gone with a picture of me, holding a picture of me, holding a picture of... you get the idea.

So I climbed a tree. I used my beer money to pay to have the film developed. I settled for only one layer of inception. And I glitzed it up with duct tape and red sharpie.

My professor definitely didn't get it. She called it banal and I was pretty sure that was an insult, but not sure enough to call her on it. So I told myself I wasn't an artist, and I never took another art class.


My name is Ronee. I make art.

I find inspiration in antique photos and family stories. In nostalgic daydreams and mythic adventures.  In love notes and lost letters. I like delta blues, dusty books, and dogs.  

In this space I'll be sharing more about my process and the inspirations behind my work. Welcome! Let's be friends.